"Adair"//Vintage Boucherouite Rug 6'9" x 3'8"

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Boucherouites are generally full of symbols.  Made in remote villages during the winter months they are works that are made with "what is left" - old clothes, wool from other rugs. Tremendously creative, these rugs combine irregular and abstract patterns with ancient Berber symbols to tell the weaver's story. 
Boucherouite pieces are generally bright, full of color and symbolism.  Boucherouite rugs make the tough art of weaving look like fun.
This is the story ART and of resourceful creativity, and, above all, beauty from the humblest of circumstances.

-size:  81" x 44" plus 4" fringe

- abstract berber motifs

- low flat pile

- double knotted and handwoven using traditional berber weaving

color:  dark beige/tan, blue and gray, multi color muted tones

material: wool, cotton

origin: handwoven in morocco

age:  +/- 30 years

condition: excellent....this is a handmade item, meaning there may be slight discoloration, minor irregularities, uneven edges, loose threads, or natural wear that add to their one-of-a-kind nature. We do our best to note any major issues.

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