about us

I guess you could say we are a family business. I am a former fashion stylist and designer, travel-the-world junkie with a unbridled passion for all things tribal authentic and pretty. I have been working with artisans making sandals, bags and clothing around the world for a decade. I am happiest creating from home and thrilled that my buying and selling of rugs allows other women to also work from home and be creative. I have a wonderful friend, Hamza that I have been working with for years in Morocco. He is the key element of the process - savvy and meticulous - he goes over everything with a fine tooth comb. My husband is an actor by day, and my chief loader, photographer, gaffer and inspiration when he is not working. My 9 year old son is our sales “hawker” ...skills he picked up in the souks of Marrakech, and the inspiration for selling from home. Last but not least is Walter, our dog,as chief rug tester....he is obsessed with beni ourains and comes running the second he hears them being laid out.